White Pearl
White Pearl
36980 2250 (Xbox 360), 1650 (PS3) 20
Location Celesta Forest
Item Drop Celestial Hourglass
Special Attacks Azure Ram, Overturn, Tidal Gore

The White Pearl is a monster battled n the Celesta Forest in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The White Pearl appears alone, or in groups of two or three in battle in the Celesta Forest. It is the dark form of Flamea.


Its normal attacks are a bubbling attack that deals four hits on anyone at melee range and a striking attack on a character standing directly in front of it. Azure Ram is a Special Attack from a distance that pierces through the target in a line, with a chance of knockdown. Tidal Gore is a bubbling attack that deals damage to all characters standing on either side of it within range and also carries a chance of knockdown. Finally, it may use Overturn, a flipping attack on a single target.


Encountering a White Pearl in the Field

Allegretto encounters a White Pearl while exploring the Celesta Forest.

The White Pearl is like the Swordfish encountered in the Sharp Mountains, but the player must contend with battles featuring up to three of these opponents. It may be easier to just lure them into the light or use a character's Shining Body to morph them into Flameas, but the White Pearls give a greater EXP reward. March can protect the party with her Aurora Curtain and these are large targets that Viola can do a lot of damage to with her distance arrow attacks. Special Attacks that carry knockdown and knockback effects are also useful to lessen the amount of time that these monsters have to act.

In Encore Mode, these monsters can be very powerful with high speed and defense and the player could quickly be in a tough situation if they are not careful. Try to keep each member of the battle team separated from each other to lessen the chances of all three characters being KOed at once, leading to a sudden Game Over situation.


A White Pearl in Battle

A White Pearl in a battle

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the final area of the Celesta Forest has a much larger area of shadow than in the Xbox 360 version, making it much more likely that the player will encounter this monster in battle instead of the Flamea. The amount of EXP granted by this monster was also reduced.

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