Warrior Pirate
Warrior Pirate
10940 (Xbox 360), 12000 (PS3) 560 (Xbox 360), 425 (PS3) 150
Location Pirate Ship Dolce
Item Drop Floral Extract, Lion's Mane
Special Attacks Power Soul, Splintering Soul, Rising Power

The Warrior Pirate is a pirate battled exclusively on-board the Pirate Ship Dolce in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Warrior Pirate appears in groups of two and later three on the Pirate Ship Dolce. He may also sometimes appear alongside the Raider Pirate.


The normal physical attack is a slash with the sword. He also uses a set of three different Special Attacks. Splintering Soul is a four hit attack at melee range with a powerful finishing blow that can also hit nearby characters. Power Soul is a fiery, single-strike attack that can hit all targets that are standing close together, including ones behind it. Finally, he may use Rising Power at the end of a turn to heal himself for 5700 HP and go into Burst status.


Encountering a Warrior Pirate in the Field

Polka encounters a Warrior Pirate in the field.

The Warrior Pirate uses a similar attack set to the Raider Pirate, but the main difference is that he has a much higher defense. Unless rather overleveled, certain of our characters may have trouble dealing much, if any damage to it with normal attacks. A good strategy is to instead hit them swiftly and repeatedly with Special Attacks. If they are are accompanied by any Raider Pirates, take those out first to build up some Echoes. If playing in Encore Mode, watch out, as their even greater defense virtually ensures that your weaker characters will not be able to damage them with normal attacks. Take advantage of Salsa's Shadow Silhouette to power-up your characters' Special Attacks.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Splintering Soul - "Har!," "And the devil be done for the rest!" (Xbox 360)
  • Rising Power - "That'll cost ya'! ... Yo ho ho!"


Frederic Battling a Warrior Pirate

Frederic battling a Warrior Pirate

  • Dolce's 2nd Lieutenant, Guitar, carries the appearance of a Warrior Pirate.
  • In the Xbox 360 version, the Warrior Pirate is simply a slightly tougher version of the Raider Pirate, but does not carry anywhere near the defense of the PlayStation 3 incarnation, making him much easier to defeat. Additionally, Rising Power heals for only 800 HP in this version.

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