Waltz Battle-Start Pose

Notable quotes related to the Forte leader Count Waltz

  • "What can Andantino possibly do? Do they think they'll start a revolution just by declaring they oppose the government?"
  • "We'll let Andantino play out their game. They're no threat. And besides, Legato, we're already one step ahead of them."
  • "I've no interest in hearing about your failure."
  • "It's our duty to protect the well-being of our citizens. And the role of our government is to serve its citizens to the utmost of its ability. If the powder's effectiveness increases, the people will be happy. Will they not? I can already see the smiling faces of my subjects."
  • "There's no need to report when things are going well."
  • "Really, Tuba. Were you expecting Andantino to just show up at the front gate bearing gifts for us?!"
  • "It would have been terribly rude of me to make you come all the way to Forte. So I thought I'd come meet you half-way."
  • "You people don't quite understand the situation. Do you honestly think you have any say in the matter? How unfortunate. And just as I was going to respond to Prince Crescendo's little bid for peaceful negotiations. You will hand the girl over to me immediately. Because I'm afraid that if you don't, you're dead."
  • "What on earth could have possessed you people to come all this way just to see me? I don't understand it."
  • "The fact of the matter is, we cannot achieve widespread happiness without a little sacrifice."
  • "Let's dispense with all the grandstanding, shall we? Be honest with yourself, fearless leader of Andantino. You only want revenge."
  • "In fact, all human begins are fragile. Especially those who lack power. They die quite easily. And when you die, it's over. There's just no meaning to it."
  • "You see, what I want is to be adored and admired for eternity. Just a trifle, really."

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