Now It Feels Like Summer

Salsa comments on the hot temperature in the Wah Lava Cave.

Salsa: "This is crazy. Now it feels like summer all of a sudden."
Beat: "And it was so cold just a little while ago. If the weather keeps changing back and forth like this, we're all gonna end up getting sick."
Frederic: "There seem to be pools of magma around here. Let's all be very careful passing through this place."
— The party discusses the sudden temperature change from the Sharp Mountains to the Wah Lava Cave.

The Wah Lava Cave is a fiery cavern of lava found at the summit of the Sharp Mountains in the Baroque region of the World of Eternal Sonata. The cave exits at the south side to Agogo Village.


After climbing the Sharp Mountains on their way back to Ritardando, Salsa, Beat, Frederic and Polka enter the Wah Lava Cave. They are shocked by the sudden change in temperature, as the Sharp Mountains were extremely cold and snowy, whereas the Wah Lava Cave is a hot cave filled with pools of magma. Frederic advises that they should be very careful as they travel through them.

While exploring the caves, the party comes upon an "X" on the floor. When they examine it, Dolce, Bass and Guitar, the three pirates that the party fought on the Pirate Ship Dolce before, appear. Dolce vows revenge on the party for making fools of them earlier, but the party sends them packing once again. They then exit the cave and find themselves in Agogo Village.


  • Snowpuff Cookie
  • Saffron Parasol
  • Score Piece 16 (Xbox 360) / Mouse Metronome (PS3)
  • Floral Extract
  • Resonating Wand (Xbox 360) / Goddess Bouquet
  • Goddess Bouquet (Xbox 360) / Resonating Stick (PS3, same as Resonating Wand)
  • Hard Jacket
  • Cloud Cape
  • Mouse Metronome (Xbox 360) / Score Piece 16 (PS3)
  • Celestial Hourglass
  • Diamond Clover (PS3)
  • Goddess Bouquet (PS3)
  • Snowpuff Cookie (PS3)


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The fight with Dolce and her lieutenants is entirely optional, but missable in a normal playthrough if the player exits the cave and defeats Fugue without engaging in it. In Encore Mode, the player may return to the cave at any time once the Warp Room is made fully available.

Musical themeEdit

Rock and Burn You - Sample

Listen to sample of "Rock and Burn You," the theme of Wah Lava Cave

"Rock and Burn You" is the musical theme for the Wah Lava Cave. This is Track 8 of the third disc of the game's original score.



A full and concise walkthrough of this area can be found at


"Wah" seems to be a reference to Wah-wah, referring to an imitative word (or onomatopoeia) for the sound of altering the resonance of musical notes to extend expressiveness.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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