28790 1200 (Xbox 360), 1190 (PS3) 60
Location Mandolin Church Catacombs
Item Drop Dragon Scale
Special Attacks Blow Vortex, Blurred Breath, Power Blaze

The Viege is a monster battled in the Mandolin Church Catacombs in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Viege appears in battle in groups of two or three. Two of these monsters guard the pillars that must be examined in order to later initiate the battle with Captain Dolce and her crew in the basement of the pub in Baroque City.


The normal attack is a striking attack with its long pointed front end. Its most commonly used Special Attack is Blow Vortex, a slow melee attack on all in range that carries a chance of causing Passive status. If it is not able to reach a target before the end of its turn, it may use Power Blaze, which causes its ends to glow purple and increases its attack power. If it gets another turn after this, it may follow this up with Blurred Breath, a powerful piercing distance attack that can cause over 4000 damage.


Encountering a Viege in the Field

Beat encounters a Viege while exploring the Mandolin Church Catacombs.

With the right strategy, the Viege is not too much of a challenge. The Blow Vortex can be rather damaging, but it is very easy to Guard, so long as the player remembers that the option to Guard isn't presented until late in the animation. This opponent is so slow that it will often spend much of its turn simply trying to close distance with a character, which will then allow the player to easily attack it. Its slow animations on its Specials may also allow for Counterattacks, if the characters are not in Passive status. With the new option to use a second Special Attack as part of a Harmony Chain, one can often finish off two or even three of these in one round. Either Viola or Frederic can heal if it by an un-Guarded attack, and March can protect against damage with her Aurora Curtain.

In Encore Mode, watch out if it manages to hit with several swift normal physical attacks or its Specials connect. The player can retreat to the light to heal, which will also force the Viege to again close distance in order to attack, or use its easy-to-Guard Blurred Breath attack.


March Using Super Nova on a Viege

March using her Super Nova Special Attack on a Viege

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating the Viege was very slightly decreased, but its stats are otherwise generally the same.

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