Welcome to November 2012 and the newest update for the Eternal Sonata Wiki. Halloween is over and that means we're back to our normal color scheme, but I've also posted a new background image.

In October, the Eternal Sonata Wiki passed some major milestones, reaching over 250 articles and over 700 files. Both are quite exciting achievements and keep watching for more great content.

This month's featured article is on Claves. You can check out her story there, with a number of photos, and keep watching, as I'll be working to improve the article even further throughout the month.

This past month saw the addition of some great new content at the wiki, including pages for the Trusty Bell ~Chopin no Yume~ Drama CD and the Agogo Queen Mother and Phil. Pages for locations such as Sharp Mountains and Simile Spring were also created and over the next month, I plan to spend more time creating pages for locations that don't yet have them, such as Elegy of the Moon and the Mandolin Church.

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