Trick Tail
Trick Tail
50900 (Xbox 360), 44500 (PS3) 10560 (Xbox 360), 4500 (PS3) 175
Location Noise Dunes of Fantasy
Item Drop Scorpion's Tail
Special Attacks Rock Shatter, Torture, Virulent, Viva

The Trick Tail is a monster battled in the Noise Dunes of Fantasy in the World of Eternal Sonata. In the darkness, it morphs into Bronze Arms.


A single Trick Tail can be found roaming the field in the second area of the Noise Dunes and in battle they appear in pairs. They can be battled again by exiting and re-entering the area.


The normal physical attacks are slashes with its claws. Virulent is a double stab with its stinger at close range with a chance of Poison status. Rock Shatter is a distance drop attack on all targets in range. Torture is a piercing distance attack. Finally, it can use Viva to heal an ally for 25000 damage.


Encountering a Trick Tail in the Field

Allegretto catches a Trick Tail from behind while exploring the Noise Dunes.

While it has some strong attacks, its attacks are generally somewhat easier to Guard against than those of the Bronze Arms, particularly the distance attacks. Therefore, it may be better for a weaker party to fight it in this form. Once it has been lured into the darkness, it will not move from there, either attacking a target right next to it or using its distance attacks. The only thing to really watch out for is the Poison status if it manages to hit. Otherwise, just target it from behind and use standard tactics and it will fall really quickly.


Falsetto Uses Snow Claw on a Trick Tail

Falsetto uses her Snow Claw Special Attack on a Trick Tail.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this monster was reduced by over half, and its HP was reduced by around 6000 points.

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