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To Coda Ruins - Opening Area

The initial area of To Coda Ruins

"The eighth king mourned, 'my heart will be hard to save.'"
"The golden bird cried loudly, 'Sincerity!'
—From the story of the kings in To Coda Ruins

The To Coda Ruins are ancient ruins in Baroque territory in the World of Eternal Sonata. They can be accessed via the Warp Room in Baroque City and lead to the Cello Tree. They consist of a series of eight islands connected by teleporters: Betrayal, False Pride, Conceit, Resentment, Jealousy, Suspicion, Distress and Sincerity.


The Eighth King

Allegretto reads about the eighth king, whose heart was hard to save.

Upon learning that Crescendo and Serenade have headed for Forte in the hope of negotiating with Count Waltz, the party is asked to go after them in order to ensure their safety. They make their way to the To Coda Ruins to begin their journey. Along the way, Allegretto may examine a number of pillars before each teleporter to a new island that tell the story of some ancient kings, in sequence, i.e. "The first king asked 'Can you read what is in my heart?' The bronze bird replied 'Betrayal'." The story ends with a wise king who states that his heart will be hard to save, and a bronze bird that replies "Sincerity!"



To Coda is an instruction in music that "indicates that, upon reaching that point during the final repetition, the performer is to jump immediately to the separate section headed with the coda symbol." Notably, this notation is found mainly in modern music, rather than the type of pieces seen during Chopin's time.[1]

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