17990 (Xbox 360), 37750 (PS3, approximate) 730 (Xbox 360), 1280 (PS3, approximate) 42
Location Sharp Mountains
Item Drop Mouse Metronome
Special Attacks Overturn, Pale Ram, Tidal Heave

The Swordfish is a monster battled exclusively in the Sharp Mountains in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Swordfish appears in battle either alone or in pairs. Two of them directly guard the path in the area before the inn, and there is also a fight with a pair of them in an out-of-the way spot in the second area of Sharp Mountains.


Its normal physical attack is a bubbling attack that strikes for four hits and can harm those standing behind or to the side of it as well. Alternatively, if a character is standing directly in front of it, it may use a single-strike whacking attack with its head. Pale Ram is a piercing distance attack in a line with a chance of knockdown. Tidal Heave is a single hit on characters standing to either side of it that also carries a strong chance of knockdown. Finally, it may use a flipping attack called Overturn on a character at melee range, but this is very rare.


Encountering a Swordfish in the Field

Polka encounters a Swordfish while exploring the Sharp Mountains

The challenge of the Swordfish really depends a lot on whether one is playing the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of the game. In Xbox 360, it has so little HP that it can easily be defeated in one round. In PlayStation 3, its HP is nearly doubled, which makes for a much tougher fight. Try having Beat in the party to build up some Echoes from a distance and try to only unleash Special Attacks once the Echoes are at 24 or 32 for the best damage possible. Salsa can also provide a lot of help with her Shadow Silhouette.

In Encore Mode, this opponent is really one to watch out for in the PlayStation 3 version. Its attacks can be very dangerous and its defense is extremely strong. Consider using a Wormwood to attempt to put it in Poison status and never allow the entire party to cluster close around it. Keep both Frederic and Polka in the party for healing. One thing that is slightly helpful is that occasionally it will simply waste an entire turn wandering the field without actually attacking.


Salsa Battling a Swordfish

Salsa battling a Swordfish

  • In the PlayStation 3 version, both the EXP granted for defeating the Swordfish and its HP are greatly increased. It also possesses a much greater defense.

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