Sweet Whisper
Sweet Whisper
9410 290 (Xbox 360), 250 (PS3) 20
Location Glissando Cliffs
Item Drop Angel Trumpet, Shadow Tail
Special Attacks Constant Shadow, Night Flutter, Side Dive, Supersonic, Tumble Down

The Sweet Whisper is a monster in Eternal Sonata. It and its dark form Caravan Crab are the only monsters battled on the Glissando Cliffs and they are also found in Andantino's Secret Passage.


The Sweet Whisper appears in numerous encounters on the Glissando Cliffs. They initially appear in groups of two and later in groups of three. They resurface in Andantino's Secret Passage, but take the appearance of Caravan Crabs when roaming the field, as this area is mostly in darkness.


The Sweet Whisper's normal physical attacks are either an echolocation blast or a head butt. Its Special Attack set is similar to that of the Dark Bat encountered on the Hanon Hills. Constant Shadow causes damage on one and places a character under Darkness Body status, causing the Sweet Whisper to most likely morph into the Caravan Crab. Supersonic is a group attack that carries a chance of Slow status. Side Dive is a piercing attack at melee range with a chance of knockdown, while Night Flutter is a piercing attack from a distance. Finally, it can use Tumble Down to heal an ally for 5900. The ally need not be in critical.


Encountering a Sweet Whisper in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Sweet Whisper on Glissando Cliffs.

Unless trying to earn extra EXP, it is best to keep these in the light if possible to avoid their changing into the more challenging Caravan Crab. Try to Guard against the Constant Shadow attack to avoid Darkness Body and otherwise keep them in the light. Their HP is low, so they will go down quickly, especially with Viola's arrow attacks or if the group together and can be hit for a large Echo total followed by a powerful Special. In Andantino's Secret Passage, try to take out any Sweet Whispers first to prevent them from morphing into Caravan Crabs. You will probably not be able to lure the Caravan Crabs into the light, due to their tendency to simply use distance attacks when nobody is attacking them at melee range.

In Encore Mode, be especially wary of the powerful attack set. Take full advantage of Party Level 5 or 6 to use Harmony Chains to finish them off. Heal anyone that is in yellow or red and keep Viola in the party for Heal Arrow.


Polka and Viola Battling a Sweet Whisper

Polka and Viola battling a Sweet Whisper

  • The Sweet Whisper is the first palette swap opponent that appears in an area immediately following an area that contained another opponent of the same type, in this case the Dark Bat from the Hanon Hills.

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