Strong Glory
Strong Glory
37120 (Xbox 360), 42500 (PS3, approximate) 5250 (Xbox 360), 2300 (PS3) 90
Location To Coda Ruins
Item Drop Honey Cookie
Special Attacks Debacle, Golden Ram, Overturn

The Strong Glory is a monster battled in the To Coda Ruins in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Strong Glory appears in groups of two or three and sometimes alongside Dark Antiques in the To Coda Ruins. It is the dark form of the Ancient Fish.


Its normal attacks are a bubbling attack that deals four hits on anyone at melee range and a striking attack on a character standing directly in front of it. Golden Ram is a piercing distance attack. Debacle is a bubbling attack that hits targets standing to either side of it. Finally, Overturn is a flipping attack on one.


Encountering a Strong Glory in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Strong Glory while exploring the To Coda Ruins.

The Strong Glory is essentially just an upgrade of the Swordfish encountered in the Sharp Mountains. It is much more dangerous, however, due to its much higher attack power and overall stats. All of its Special Attacks have the potential to deal heavy damage and its normal attacks can present something of a danger as well. Try to Guard against or Counter its attacks and have a healer or healing items on standby if its attacks hit. If caught in a back attack with these, it may be best to run once one of your characters gets a turn and then heal up with items before heading back into battle. It also has a high defense, so consider using characters like Allegretto and Jazz that have a high enough strength to cut through it. March's Aurora Curtain can be useful to mitigate the damage from its powerful attacks.

In Encore Mode, all of their attacks have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Don't group the entire party around one and consider luring it to the light or using a character's Shining Body to morph it into the Ancient Fish.


Falsetto Uses Night Fist on a Strong Glory

Falsetto uses her Night Fist Special Attack on a Strong Glory.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted by this opponent was reduced by more than half and its HP was slightly reduced.

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