Steam Horn
Steam Horn
60090 (Xbox 360), 48600 (PS3) 14500 (Xbox 360), 5300 (PS3) 180
Location Double Reed Tower of Sand
Item Drop
Special Attacks Buzz Drop, Cheer, Rampage

The Steam Horn is a monster battled in the Double Reed Tower of Sand in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Steam Horn is initially battled alone or in pairs on the first floor of the Double Reed Tower and in pairs or groups of three on latter floors. It also sometimes appears alongside Abyss/Black Onyx.


The normal physical attack is a headbutt on all targets at melee range. It will often us Rampage if its at a distance to charge through characters in a line, with a chance of knockdown. Buzz Drop is a drop of bombs on targets standing directly behind it and this has a weak chance of knockdown. Finally, it can use Cheer to heal an ally in critical for 27100 HP.


Encountering a Steam Horn in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Steam Horn in the field while exploring the Double Reed Tower.

The Steam Horn is easily the weakest opponent in the Double Reed Tower. While its attacks can hurt somewhat if they are not Guarded against, both of the Special Attacks are really quite easy Guards. The only time that this monster is really a danger is when it appears in groups of three, and even those aren't all that challenging as one remains alert. If they group together, this will just allow for an even faster defeat via quick building of Echoes. Basically just use standard tactics for this point of the game; no special strategies are required for these. Counterattacks can even be used for the Special Attacks without too much trouble getting the timing right.


Falsetto Uses Snow Claw on a Steam Horn

Falsetto uses her Snow Claw Special Attack on a Steam Horn.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was reduced by nearly 2/3 and its HP was decreased by around 12000 points.

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