Acquired Soul Shard

Acquired a Soul Shard during a boss battle

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" No, Jazz, I have not been reborn. I am incomplete. Truly, this is my body. The soul connected to it though, is fragmented. The impact of reentering this world broke my soul and scattered its pieces throughout this labyrinth."
—Claves, regarding the state of her soul.

A Soul Shard is one of the fragments of the soul of Claves, lost within the dungeon Mysterious Unison. Her soul was fractured upon her slaughter at the hands of Rondo and when she awoke, she found herself in the dungeon, but was unable to navigate the complicated maze to restore her soul. Once all seven fragments are acquired, her soul is restored to perfect unison and the player is presented with "Heroic Polonaise."

A Soul Shard is acquired by defeating the bosses Deep Lurker, Rondo and Annihilator. One can be purchased from Mute for 99,999,999 Gold. Three are found as treasure. They appear as Valuables in the menu.

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