Falsetto: "Simile flowers need water from Simile Spring."
Father: "If you give them ordinary water, they die in no time."
Allegretto: "Then you just need to go get water from that spring, right?"
— Falsetto and Allegretto discuss Simile Spring with a boy and girls' father.
Allegretto at Simile Spring

Allegretto enters Simile Spring.

The Simile Spring is a spring found at the center of the Lento Cemetery in the World of Eternal Sonata. This is the only place where one may find simile water, water that is needed by simile flowers. It is guarded by the Death Crow.


As Allegretto and Viola visit Andante with Viola, they meet a family with a young girl who has picked a Simile flower, but doesn't have any water for it. They agree to help out and navigate Lento Cemetery in order to reach Simile Spring and obtain the simile water. They eventually manage its complicated paths by taking and lighting flames and eventually reach the spring, where they face the Death Crow and obtain the water. After the battle, Allegretto and Viola express regret, as the monster was simply guarding the Spring and they just sort of barged in, but Falsetto assures them that the monster is a spirit and therefore it'll be back.



In music, Simile marks are marks that denote that preceding groups of beats or measures are to be repeated.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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