Serenade's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Serenade

  • "History always repeats itself. Even if we managed to succeed in assassinating Count Waltz, another Count Waltz would appear, then another. The problem itself would still remain. If we throw all our support behind a band of rebels, I believe it will be Baroque that is disgraced in the end."
  • "No matter how much of a tyrant Count Waltz may be, there is no way we can be absolutely certain that he will ever attack us. If we were to make a preemptive strike against him, it would be a classic example of man's suspicious nature leading him to war."
  • "Who would have thought that we would be pulled inside a mirror like that. For a while I thought that we might never get back, but we managed to find Minuet and return safely. And it was all thanks to the help you gave us. You have my eternal gratitude."
  • "I will speak with Count Waltz. Right now, I am the only one who can possibly save your life. I at least have to try."
  • "A stalemate is not a solution. Standing still does not solve anything. For things to change, one side needs to take a step back. ... It requires much more courage to take a step back than it does to take a step forward. Would you not agree? After all, there is no guarantee that there will be ground to stand upon."
  • "Suppose you could not be sure whether or not there was any ground behind you. Knowing that, would you still have the courage to take a step backward? At certain times in life, does it not take much more courage to take a step back than to take a step forward? Would you be courageous enough to do it?"
  • "Allegretto! Only scoundrels make young ladies cry!"

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