12350 (Xbox 360), 18500 (PS3, approximate) 880 (Xbox 360), 700 (PS3) 35
Location Lento Cemetery
Item Drop
Special Attacks Cursed Mace, Execute, Spectera, Invite, Energy Steal

The Scourger is a monster battled exclusively in the Lento Cemetery in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Scourger appears in the field in every area of the Lento Cemetery where monsters appear, in groups of two or three, and sometimes alongside Light Antiques.


Its normal attack is a whack with its mace or a fist attack. It has a range of Special Attacks. Execute is a magical attack that spins skulls around one target and carries a chance of knockdown. Spectera is a distance energy attack on one that can also cause knockdown. Cursed Mace is a strike with its mace at melee range that can hit multiple targets. It can use Invite to heal a target that has taken damage for 15900 HP. If it is in critical, it may use Energy Steal as a drain attack on all targets at close range.


Encountering a Scourger in the Field

Allegretto, about to be back-attacked by a Scourger

Both this enemy and the Light Antique possess relatively low HP for this stage of the game, making them excellent targets for farming EXP. The main difference between the two is that the Scourger is not under Shining Body status like the Light Antique. Since the battlefield is almost entirely in darkness with a few floating spirits that generate lights, your characters will most likely be using dark Special Attacks unless one of them has the Brilliant Brooch accessory equipped. Just have them move in close and have away with normal attacks, followed by powerful specials. Since the HP total is so low, it is generally always advisable to end the turn with a Special Attack, rather than saving Echoes for later turns.

In Encore Mode, the same basic strategies can be used, but take extra caution to avoid being caught in a dangerous back attack.


Viola Using Arrow Attacks on a Scourger

Viola attacking a Scourger with arrows

  • The Scourger actually has less HP than the boss form of the Maledictor, an opponent of the same class, despite being encountered much later in the game.

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