Sand Seer
Sand Seer
103240 (Xbox 360), 90000 (PS3, approximate) 9900 (Xbox 360), 6600 (PS3) 50
Location Noise Dunes of Fantasy
Item Drop Dragon Scale
Special Attacks Incinerate, Lash Tail, Smother Blow

The Sand Seer is a monster battled in the Noise Dunes of Fantasy in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Sand Seer is battled in pairs exclusively in the second area of the Noise Dunes. Only a single one of these appears in the field, but the battle can be done again by simply exiting and re-entering the area.


Its normal attacks are beak pecks and a foot stomp with a chance of knockdown. Lash Tail is a tail-strike on all targets standing close behind it, also with a chance of knockdown. Incinerate is two hits of fiery damage which it telegraphs by grooming itself with its beak. If Guarded, then it only hits once. Finally, Smother Blow is six hits of damage on all targets at close range with knockdown and a chance of Poison status. It will telegraph its intention to use this attack by lowering its head and flapping its wings at the end of a turn, then will use it at the start of its next turn. If there are no characters within more than a few feet of it, then it simply will not hit at all.


Encountering a Sand Seer in the Field

Allegretto catches a Sand Seer from behind in the Noise Dunes.

The Sand Seer has some extremely powerful attacks, but it can be easily dealt with by simply knowing how to deal with it. Have your characters close in and use normal attacks, then launch a Special Attack to do [[Harmony Chains] once Echoes are at 24 or 32. Keep an eye on its motions in order to respond properly to its attacks. If it telegraphs that it is about to use Smother Blow, then move all characters away if it is not likely to be defeated prior to its next turn, unless this is not possible because it gets two turns in a row, in which cause, be ready to Guard.


Viola Uses Hawk Eye on a Sand Seer

Viola uses her Hawk Eye Special Attack on a Sand Seer.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this monster was reduced by 1/3, but its HP was also decreased by over 10000 points.

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