Salsa's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Salsa

  • "It's one crazy after another with you people."
  • " I have been a guardian of Agogo Forest since the day that I was born. This is the first time I've come to a city like this."
  • "Hey, hold on now. This guy doesn't even have a hook or an eye patch. Hmph. There's no way he's a real captain!"
  • "Eye patches and hooks are pirate's trademarks! They'd be naked without them! They can't help it if it makes them look stupid!"
  • "Look! I got the ultimate treasure!"
  • "Me? I never cry! The only time I ever tear up is from the beauty of a perfect sunset!"
  • "Third place is a bronze medal! Not bad at all!"
  • "That's the last straw, three-eyed freak! ... You better believe I'm talkin' about you! Go on and whine as much as you want, three-eyes, you're still gonna get it!"
  • "The best way to fool your enemies is to start by fooling your friends!"
  • "If you're takin' pictures, ya better not miss any of the amazing stuff I'm gonna do!"
  • "If anyone tries something in our forest, I'll teach 'em a lesson they won't forget!"
  • "The end of the journey? Well, I really don't know. But, I'm sure that the road does lead to somewhere."
  • "When one thing comes to an end, something else starts up right after. That's what they call the natural order of things."

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