Ruby Eye
Ruby Eye
21310 900 55
Location Mandolin Church Catacombs
Item Drop Goddess Bouquet
Special Attacks Cannon Shell, Overrun, Cheer

The Ruby Eye is a monster battled in the Mandolin Church Catacombs in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Ruby Eye appears in battle in groups of two or three. It is the dark form of Orange Float Several of these guard the main path leading to the back area of the Catacombs and must be fought in order to proceed forward.


The normal attack is a butting attack on all characters grouped closed together. Overrun is a piercing attack in which it charges through a character or characters in a line, with a chance of knockdown. It can also use Cannon Shell to drop a bomb on a character or characters standing behind it. Finally, it can use Cheer to heal an ally.


Encountering a Ruby Eye in the Field

Beat encounters a Ruby Eye while exploring the Mandolin Church Catacombs.

The Ruby Eye uses a similar attack set to its Ruby Eye counterpart, but has lower strength and defense, making it the less dangerous opponent. The charging Overrun attack can deal a lot of damage, particularly if it then runs up on a character and attacks them from behind. Besides the lower overall power, the only major difference between it and the Orange Float is that it possesses a healing skill.

In Encore Mode, just watch out for the Overrun attack. Keep the party protected with March's Aurora Curtain and heal using Frederic or Viola if needed.


Viola Using Arrow Attacks on a Ruby Eye

Viola using arrow attacks on a Ruby Eye.

  • The Ruby Eye/Orange Float is the only light/dark enemy combination that morphs between two different forms that are palette swaps of each other.

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