Roaming Pirate
Roaming Pirate
161180 (Xbox 360), 41000 (PS3) 47333 (Xbox 360), 13900 (PS3) 500
Location Mysterious Unison, Basement Levels 3-5
Item Drop
Special Attacks Iron Soul, Rising Power, Scattering Soul

The Roaming Pirate is a pirate battled on Basement Levels 3-5 of the Mysterious Unison dungeon in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Roaming Pirate always appears in groups three in battle in Mysterious Unison. They are more frequently encountered on Levels 4 and 5 than on Level 3.


The normal physical attack is a powerful sword slash. Iron Soul is a powerful strike on a single target. Scattering Soul is a four-hit attack with a strong finishing blow that carries a chance of knockdown. Finally, Rising Power heals theme for 21000 HP and places them in Burst status.


Encountering a Roaming Pirate in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Roaming Pirate in the field.

The Roaming Pirate can be a strong opponent when initially encountered, though the high EXP gains (less particularly in the PlayStation release) will quickly put the party on even or superior ground. The large battlefield is to the party's advantage, making it easy to snipe the pirates with Beat or Violas' distance attacks while the pirates are unable to close distance due to the party's superior speed. Special Attacks that can hit from infinite distance are also good choices. If using close-combat attackers, take full advantage of the new benefits of being able to use six Special Attacks in a Harmony Chain sequence, the fact that Echoes carry throughout the sequence, and the ability to retain Echoes from battle to battle. If a character takes a lot of damage, have them retreat some distance away and then heal.

In Encore Mode, use the same basic strategies, but be especially wary of being caught in a back-attack or taking the full brunt of an attack with one of these pirates in Burst.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Iron Soul - "Ye be getting a black spot! Rah!"
  • Scattering Soul - "Take this! Har!"


Falsetto Uses Night Fist On Roaming Pirates

Falsetto uses her Night Fist Special Attack on Roaming Pirates.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata the Roaming Pirate's HP was reduced by around three quarters, but the amount of EXP granted for defeating it was also reduced by about as much.

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