Red Cap
Mushroom Up
70500 11300 (Combined total for boss battle) 10200 (Combined total for boss battle)
Location Woodblock Groves
Item Drop
Special Attacks Entangle, One Hundred Lashes, Poison Scatter

The Red Cap is a boss monster battled exclusively in the waterfall area of Woodblock Groves in the World of Eternal Sonata, along with Trick or Treat.


The Red Cap appears only the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata alongside Treat or Treat. It carries the exact same appearance as a Mushroom Up and the same attack set, the only differences being that it has rather more HP and a higher defense, though the latter is only particularly noticeable on Encore Mode.


Main article: Mushroom Up#Attacks

The Red Cap's attacks are exactly the same as those of the Mushroom Up. The normal attack is either a butt with its head that can hit everyone in melee range or lashes with its tentacles that can strike for several hits. The Special Attacks are One Hundred Lashes, Entangle and Poison Scatter.


A Red Cap Attacking Jazz

Jazz is attacked by a Red Cap.

Main article: Mushroom Up#Strategy

The basic strategy for battling the Red Caps is exactly the same as for battling Mushroom Ups. Try to take them out first before fighting the Trick or Treat. If the Trick or Treat revives one, just kill it again - with only 4300 HP, it should easily go down and the character may have enough time left in their turn to attack the Trick or Treat as well. In Encore Mode, depending on levels, some characters may have to rely on Special Attacks to cut through their defense.


  • In the Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, the Trick or Treat is accompanied by two ordinary Mushroom Up monsters instead.

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