Rare Metal Picker
Rare Metal Picker
18510 575 (Xbox 360), 550 (PS3) 20
Location Adagio Swamp
Item Drop Club Clover
Special Attacks Agonize, Channel Divider, Venomous, Viva

The Rare Metal Picker is a monster battled exclusively in Adagio Swamp in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Blue Gil.


The Rare Metal Picker is found in groups of two or three in Adagio Swamp. Initially Blue Gils are found in the field in the swamp, but Rare Metal Pickers are often seen guarding treasure chests and are more numerous in the field towards the end. The battlefield is mostly in light, but with large patches of darkness around the edges, meaning there is a good chance of encountering both Blue Gils and Rare Metal Pickers.


The Rare Metal Picker's normal physical attack is a slash with its claw. If nobody is attacking it at melee range, it will use Channel Divider as a distance drop attack on multiple targets or Agonize as a distance piercing attack. Up close, it can use Venomous on a single target, a double stab with its stinger with a chance of inflicting poison status. It may also use Viva to heal an ally for 11000 HP.


Encountering a Rare Metal Picker in the Field

Allegretto comes across a Rare Metal Picker.

As a dark creature, the Rare Metal Picker may be more difficult to land damage on, but it may be the better choice for fighting than the Blue Gil. It gives more EXP and its attacks are somewhat easier to Guard against. If you find your characters are having trouble damaging it with their normal physical attacks, then just have them use their Specials, even without any Echoes, for great damage. Viola can also do a lot of damage on these with her distance arrow attacks and this carries the added advantage of making it more likely that they will use their distance attacks, which are the easiest to Guard. Jazz's high strength will also ensure that he can do a lot of damage to these even with his normal attack.

In Encore Mode, be wary of the poison status and be careful not to group your characters in such a way that their distance attacks can hit multiple targets.


Jazz Battling a Rare Metal Picker

Jazz battles a Rare Metal Picker.

  • In the Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, the Rare Metal Picker's Viva only heals for 3710 HP.

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