Raider Pirate
Raider Pirate
7930 440 (Xbox 360), 330 (PS3) 5 (Xbox 360), 50 (PS3)
Location Pirate Ship Dolce
Item Drop Wormwood
Special Attacks Cruel Cutlass, Sea Knuckle, Rising Power

The Raider Pirate is a pirate battled exclusively on-board the Pirate Ship Dolce in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Raider Pirate appears in groups of two and later three on the Pirate Ship Dolce. He may also sometimes appear alongside the Warrior Pirate.


The normal physical attack is a slash with the sword. He also uses a set of three different Special Attacks. Cruel Cutlass is a four hit attack at melee range with a powerful finishing blow that can also hit nearby characters. Sea Knuckle is a fiery, single-strike attack that can hit all targets that are standing close together, including ones behind it. Finally, he may use Rising Power at the end of a turn to heal himself for 5700 HP and go into Burst status.


Encountering a Raider Pirate in the Field

Polka encounters a Raider Pirate in the field.

The Raider Pirate is by far the weakest of the pirate opponents encountered in the game. He has low HP and defense and his attacks are easily Guarded against. They are also generally easy to catch from behind in the field for a back attack. No special strategy is required, just wail away with your characters' normal attacks followed by a special, and there really isn't much point in allowing Echoes to build up from one character to another, because it will almost certainly be more efficient to use each character's Special Attack at the end of their turn. In Encore Mode, they will go down even easier despite their higher HP, since the player will be able to carry Echoes between battles. If fighting them alongside Warrior Pirates, take them out first, just to get them out of the way and build some Echoes to use against the Warrior Pirates. The only thing to really watch out for is the Burst status that doubles his attack power. Fortunately, it also halves his attack power, so if he uses it, immediately target him and finish him off before he can get another turn.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Cruel Cutlass - "Time to swab the deck!"
  • Sea Knuckle - "I'll keelhaul ya'! ... Har har!"
  • Rising Power - "That'll cost ya! ... Yo ho ho!"


Raider Pirate Using Cruel Cutlass on Salsa

A Raider Pirate using his Cruel Cutlass Special Attack on Salsa

  • Dolce's 1st Lieutenant, Bass, carries the appearance of a Raider Pirate.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, Rising Power heals for only 800 HP.

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