Queen Scissors
Queen Scissors
24600 (approximate) 575 35
Location Lament
Item Drop Lion's Mane, Stone of the Spring
Special Attacks Glass Breaker, Infectant, Stinger, Viva

The Queen Scissors is a monster battled exclusively in the royal mirror Lament in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Propellekov.


Queen Scissors are initially found in the fourth area of Lament in groups of two and then three. They are also numerous in the fifth area and may sometimes be encountered alongside Petite Fatties. They are encountered in the field in both this form and the form of the Propellekov.


Its normal physical attack is a slash with its claw. It mainly employs a set of Special Attacks. Infectant is a double-stab with its stinger than will likely cause Poison status if not Guarded against. Glass Breaker is a distance drop attack that hits all targets in range. Stinger is a distance attack that pierces through the target. Finally, it can use Viva to heal an ally for 7000 HP.


Encountering a Queen Scissors in the Field

Polka encounters a Queen Scissors while exploring Lament.

Fighting the Queen Scissors is probably a better choice than fighting the Propellekov, when possible. Its attacks are stronger, but they are also generally much easier to Guard against and it gives more EXP and Gold. It has somewhat high defense, but so long as your party is reasonably leveled, they should be able to damage it with their normal physical attacks. If not, hit it repeatedly with Special Attacks. If one of the characters is wearing the Dark Brooch or Polka is equipped with her Torn Umbrella, then they can move to melee range on a Propellekov to morph it into a Queen Scissors. Since this opponent is encountered in darkness, Salsa's Shadow Silhouette is a good choice.

In Encore Mode, be ready to heal if it manages to catch a character from behind and just be ready to escape if the party is caught in a back attack, as a group of three can likely finish off the entire party if they are caught in a back attack and don't manage to escape.


Salsa Battling a Queen Scissors

Salsa battling a Queen Scissors

  • Once in the darkness, the Queen Scissors will rarely leave it voluntarily, instead either using distance attacks or attacking any target that is already at melee range.

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