15250 (approximate) 530 40
Location Lament
Item Drop Club Clover, Very Odd Chocolate
Special Attacks Blast in the Box, Glitch in the Box, Mines in the Box, Pillow Butt

The Propellekov is a monster battled exclusively in the royal mirror Lament in the World of Eternal Sonata. In the dark, it morphs into Queen Scissors.


Propellekovs are initially found in the fourth area of Lament in groups of two and then three. They are also numerous in the fifth area and may sometimes be encountered alongside Petite Fatties. They are encountered in the field in both this form and the form of the Queen Scissors.


The Propellekov's normal attack is a slow turning attack that is reasonably easy to Guard against, so long as the player remembers that the Guard option does not appear until towards the end of the animation. Its only melee Special Attack is Pillow Butt, which is similar in style to its normal attack. Blast in the Box is breath-like attack from a distance on all targets grouped close together. Mines in the Box is a distance drop of mines on all in range that is challenging to time the Guard on. Finally, Glitch in the Box drops mechanical junk on all in range and is also somewhat challenging to Guard, though perhaps not quite as challenging as Mines in the Box.


Encountering a Propellekov in the Field

Polka encounters a Propellekov while exploring Lament.

The Propellekov mostly relies on its distance attacks, but will attack a melee range on occasion, usually only if there is already an opponent right by it. Its melee attacks and Blast in the Box are rather easy to Guard against, but it can be very difficult to time the Guard on the other two distance attacks.

If some Echoes are built up, Serenade is a great choice to unleash her Verbum: Celebrus Special Attack for some massive damage. Crescendo can easily build those Echoes using his Galactic Nebula.

In Encore Mode, watch out for Mines in the Box and Glitch in the Box. It may be worth trying to lure them to the darkness to morph them into Queen Scissors opponents. These have more HP and are harder to damage, but their Special Attacks are generally much easier to Guard against and they give slightly more EXP.


Propellekov Using Blast in the Box

Propellekov using its Blast in the Box on Crescendo and Serenade

  • Propellekov and Petite Fatty are the only palette swap opponents that can be battled directly alongside each other, unless you count the Orange Floats / Ruby Eyes, which share the same form, but are light/dark versions of the same opponent. This is because this enemy type was created specifically for this new dungeon in the PlayStation 3 version.

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