"Ph... il? Oh! I remember now! That's the little brat who drew all over my face! He ruined my beauty sleep. But I have a black belt in judo! Just as he was painting on the finishing touches, my sixth sense tingled, and I opened my eyes! He must have been frightened by my fierce gaze. He took off so fast, he forgot his brush."
—Tipsy Old Man in Forte City
Phil, Worried About His Mom

Phil, worried about what will happen if he gets caught out by his scary mother.

Phil is a young boy who lives in Forte City. He is good friends with Koto.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Darn that Phil. Where could he have run off to now? If he gets caught goofing off again, he's gonna be in big trouble!"
—Koto, regarding Phil's pranks

Phil is a young boy, maybe about 10-12. He has auburn hair, sky-blue eyes and an appearance that belies his nature. He is a notorious prankster, known for tricks such as drawing on people's faces while they sleep. He has a mother with a fierce reputation and a father who considers himself a henpecked husband. He possesses an independent streak and often gets up to mischief. Despite this, he has grit and resolve in him. After the fall of Count Waltz, fearing an invasion by Baroque, he stands guard over his family's inn.


When Phil decides to explore the Glissando Cliffs, he ends up falling a long distance and Allegretto, Beat, Polka, Frederic and Viola come to his rescue. He ends up escaping the situation uninjured and, to his delight, his mother doesn't discover his transgression. As thanks, he allows the party to stay overnight at the family inn for free.


His name is likely an abbreviation of "philharmonic," which is a term for a full-size orchestra featuring around 100 musicians.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Phil - I Don't Wanna Get Killed by My Mom

Allegretto talks with Phil.

  • In real-life, Frederic Chopin was known as something of a prankster, particularly in his youth.[2] The character of Phil may be intended, in part, to represent this aspect of his personality.

  • Phil took a photo for the Eternal Sonata Scrapbook. Titled "Almost!" and captioned "Thanks again for all your help!," it depicts Allegretto reaching for Phil's shoe, with Jazz's help.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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