Petite Fatty
Petite Fatty
10700 430 30
Location Lament
Item Drop Star Cookie
Special Attacks Bombs in the Box, Glitch in the Box, Jack in the Box, Pillow Butt

The Petite Fatty is a monster battled exclusively in the royal mirror Lament in the World of Eternal Sonata.


Petite Fatties are initially found in the very first area of Lament in groups of two. They later appear in the second area in groups of two or three, and in the fifth area, alongside Propellekovs.


The Petite Fatty's normal attack is a slow turning attack that is reasonably easy to Guard against, so long as the player remembers that the Guard option does not appear until towards the end of the animation. Its only melee Special Attack is Pillow Butt, which is similar in style to its normal attack. Jack in the Box is a distance attack that is very easy to Guard against. Glitch in the Box is another distance attack, a drop of mechanical junk on one that is somewhat challenging to Guard. Finally, Bombs in the Box is a drop of bombs from a distance and is the most challenging to Guard.


Petite Fatty in the Field

A Petite Fatty roaming the field

The Petite Fatty is by far the weakest opponent in Lament and no special strategy is really required to defeat it. If Polka is using her Torn Umbrella for Darkness Body, she can use her normal physical attack followed by a Nether Wave. Closing to melee range with these is generally a good idea, since they will generally remain where they are and use their melee attacks, which are easy to Guard against and not very damaging. Since none of the other party members get EXP while playing only as Polka, and later with only Polka and Crescendo, it might be better to simply avoid any battles with these that aren't required until after the full party is restored. When encountering these alongside Propellekovs, take them out first to get them out of the way.


Polka Battling a Petite Fatty

Polka battling a Petite Fatty

  • Petite Fatty and Propellekov are the only palette swap opponents that can be battled directly alongside each other, unless you count the Orange Floats / Ruby Eyes which morph between two enemies of the same form. This is because this enemy type was created specifically for this new dungeon in the PlayStation 3 version.

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