Perfect Melon
Perfect Melon
160340 (Xbox 360), 108400 (PS3) 45000 (PS3), 15800 (Xbox 360) 1000
Location Mysterious Unison - Basement Levels 5, 8-12
Item Drop Saint's Mirror
Special Attacks An Tournant, Battu, Reparer

The Perfect Melon is a monster battled in the Mysterious Unison dungeon in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Perfect Melon initially appears in groups of two on Basement Level 5 of Mysterious Unison and later in groups of two or three on lower floors.


The Perfect Melon's normal physical attack is a ramming attack that really doesn't do all that much damage. Its An Tournant is a powerful six hit attack on all targets at melee range. Its most dangerous move is Battu, in which it spins for three hits of very powerful damage on all characters at melee range with a chance of knockdown. It telegraphs this move by bouncing in a peculiar way prior to using it and it can hit targets standing behind it. Finally, it can use Reparer to heal an ally in critical for 72100 HP.


Encountering a Perfect Melon in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Perfect Melon while exploring the Mysterious Unison dungeon.

The Perfect Melon has some powerful moves, but it is not too challenging to defeat with the right strategy, as its attacks are generally reasonably easy to Guard against or even Counterattack. It moves rather slowly and has no distance attacks, so Beat and Viola can easily snipe it off from a distance, though its small size may make it a bit difficult to target by Viola (Hawk Eye can help here.) Its HP is not that way, and stronger melee attackers such as Allegretto and Jazz can quite possibly finish off one in one turn, or two at most.

There is little real reason to fight it, other than to gather Saint's Mirror items (though these are dropped very rarely), as the time is generally better spent battling Astral Lieds to quickly earn Gold.


Allegretto Uses Bloody Plume on a Perfect Melon

Allegretto uses his Bloody Plume Special Attack on a Perfect Melon.

  • The Perfect Melon is the only normal opponent in the game to drop a Saint's Mirror item, which revives all KOed characters with full HP. This item can otherwise only be acquired by examining the Fortuneteller's shack in the Cello Tree area and by defeating the boss Tracer on Encore Mode.
  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this monster was reduced by nearly 30000 and its HP was decreased by over 50000 points.

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