"Oh! I guess I took longer than usual. Mom's probably worried about me. I'd better get home before it gets dark."
—Polka begins her journey home to Tenuto Village.
Path to Tenuto Intro Screen

Path to Tenuto Village intro screen

The Path to Tenuto is a path in the World of Eternal Sonata connecting a cave in the city of Ritardando to Tenuto Village. Polka travels along this path to return home following an unsuccessful visit to the city to sell floral powder.


Exploring the Path to Tenuto and Flashback04:48

Exploring the Path to Tenuto and Flashback

Polka on the Path to Tenuto & Ritardando flashback

After the opening cutscenes, the game of Eternal Sonata opens with Polka traveling along the Path to Tenuto. She comments that it's later than she thought. As she moves along, she encounters monsters and reviews the basics of fighting. Before finally reaching the village, she has a flashback regarding the events that happened to her in Ritardando.


  • Peach Cookie
  • Peach Cookie


Behind the scenesEdit

Frederic Small
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  • If the player attempts to have Polka exit to the Ritardando cave in the game's opening, she will comment that she needs to get home.
  • In Chapter 2, the player can travel along the path as Allegretto to revisit Tenuto Village.
  • In an Encore Mode playthrough, this area can be revisited in Chapter 6 or 7, though there is nothing else to do there. Once the player has cleared this area with Polka, they need never visit again if they don't desire to.

Musical themeEdit

A Relaxing Place - Sample

Listen to a sample of "A Relaxing Place"

The musical theme for Path to Tenuto is "A Relaxing Place." This is Track 4 on the first disc of the game's original score.



A full and concise walkthrough of this area can be found at

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