17850 4440 (Xbox 360), 2150 (PS3) 150
Location To Coda Ruins
Item Drop
Special Attacks Dark Sun, Left Blow, Left Drill, Popper, Right Blow, Right Drill

The OOPARTS is a monster battled in the To Coda Ruins in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The OOPARTS is battled in groups of two or three in the To Coda Ruins. They guard the teleporters that lead to each new island in the ruins and a large number of them are encountered on Distress Island.


Its normal physical attacks are jabbing attacks with its arms. Popper is a distance energy attack on all in range with a chance of knockdown. Dark Sun damages a target and places them in Darkness Body status. It also has a set of four Special Attacks that all carry the same basic effect - Left Blow, Left Drill, Right Blow and Right Drill. Each of these hits a single target three times and carries a chance of knockdown.


Encountering an OOPARTS in the Field

Allegretto finds an OOPARTS guarding a teleporter in the To Coda Ruins.

The OOPARTS is the first enemy of its type encountered in Eternal Sonata and while it has low HP, it has rather high defense and thus can trouble weaker attackers. It can also do a lot of damage with its three-hit attacks and the knockdown effects is also rather troublesome. Try to use strong attackers such as Allegretto, Jazz and Viola for an easier time if the party is underleveled. Any of those can easily defeat one of these in a single full turn. If it uses Dark Sun to put a character in Darkness Body, it's not too big a deal, since it doesn't morph into another form.

In Encore Mode, make sure to keep the party well-healed, and try to Guard against or Counter the three-hit attacks. If it uses Popper, there is a good chance that the Counterattack option will be offered with a good time window, so take advantage of this.


OOPARTS is an acronym for "Out-of-place artifact," a term coined by cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson. The term refers to artifacts whose allegedly anomalous existence supposedly proves that science is willfully or ignorantly overlooking certain areas of knowledge.[1]


OOPARTS Uses Left Drill on Falsetto

An OOPARTS uses its Left Drill Special Attack on Falsetto.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this monster was reduced by more than half, but its other stats remain generally the same.

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