Noise Dunes of Fantasy - Intro

Intro screen for the Noise Dunes of Fantasy

The Noise Dunes of Fantasy, often referred to as simply as the Noise Dunes, are a desert area in the World of Eternal Sonata connecting the Elegy of the Moon town to the Double Reed Tower of Sand. The entrance to the Mysterious Unison dungeon is also housed within an oasis area of the Noise Dunes.


Noise Dunes - Tower Entrance Area

Allegretto in the entrance area for the Double Reed Tower.

The party travels through the Elegy of the Moon town to the Noise Dunes, only to find that a barrier prevents passage past the first area. After speaking with the village elder, they receive his permission to enter the Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys, which contains a switch that deactivates the barrier. After deactivating the barrier, the party returns to the Noise Dunes and is able to proceed through and enter the Double Reed Tower that houses Count Waltz and the monstrous mutated form of Legato known as Ruined Body.

Mysterious UnisonEdit

Main article: Mysterious Unison
Entering Mysterious Unison

Allegretto opens the door to the Mysterious Unison dungeon.

After running from left to right off the edge of the screen three times in the Noise Dunes, the party reaches an Oasis area of the Noise Dunes. Here, they find an ornamented door that they cannot unlock. Upon defeating Waltz and Ruined Body, they receive the Hero's Crest item and can return to this area. The Hero's Crest unlocks the door and upon entrance, the party finds themselves in the dungeon Mysterious Unison.



Score Piece ParticipantsEdit

  • Desolate Guro/Saburo

Musical themeEdit

"End of the Journey" is the musical theme featured in the Noise Dunes. It is Track 4 of the final disc of the game's original score.


  • Noise is generally defined as any unwanted sound, but in music, noise is often caused by percussion instruments.[1] Noise music is genre of music that covers a variety of styles that feature noise as a primary aspect. It was not developed until the early to mid 1900s, well after the death of Frédéric François Chopin.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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