Shape of Life

Shape of Life - Mr. Caterpillar on the right

Mr. Caterpillar is one of two characters seen within the omake (extra) "Shape of Life" featured at the end of Eternal Sonata if the player waits about a minute after "Fin" appears on-screen.

Mr. Caterpillar is a curious caterpillar who visits with Mr. Snail to ask him what the shape of life is. Rather than answering him directly, however, Mr. Snail tells him about the color, scent, sound and taste of life. At first, Mr. Caterpillar accepts these answers with good humor, but as Mr. Snail keeps not giving him the answer he wants, he becomes more-and-more irritated. He eventually stalks away in a huff.

After he leaves, Mr. Snail comments that he already knew the answer: that life can take on many different shapes.

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