March's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character March

  • "My name is March. Nice to meet you. My sister and I are the guardians of this forest."
  • "You should know that Forte is not a very friendly place right now. It's much nicer here in Agogo Forest. The Count of Forte Castle is responsible for mining Mt. Rock. He's been making some kind of medicine."
  • "I wonder what they meant by a glowing agogo. That's so odd. I've never heard of agogos glowing before. Maybe this is something I should try looking into."
  • "At first, I didn't believe it either. But when I looked into the tales passed down by previous forest guardians, I came across an old legend that talks about glowing agogos. ... Well, the legend went like this: Agogos are mirrors of the forest and mirrors of the heart. Reflecting the gleam of the shimmering jewel, when they glow you will know the time has come. They shall become a light that comforts the dearest wish of the maiden's tears."
  • "You'd be wise to listen to my sister. We will show no mercy to someone who torments the agogos!"
  • "Your attack won't work against us! Because we are under the protection of the glowing agogos!"
  • "I want to learn all I can about woodland plants and animals. It will help me do a good job protecting Agogo Forest."
  • "Oh, Eh-Eh-EZI's floopy, droopy cheeks!! They wiggle when he walks and they jiggle when he speaks!"
  • "EZI isn't trying to eat the rabbit, he's trying to encourage the rabbit to eat him. This picture shows the depth of EZI's compassion. He's offering up his own body to feed a poor, defenseless creature. I'm sure of it!"

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