Sun Chakrams are weapons that can only be equipped by Salsa. The pairing allows her to quickly build Echoes.

Sun Chakrams
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
Laricus ATK +15 Light +30 Initially equipped Offered to the Temple of Beauty.
Mercy Breath ATK +56 Pirate Ship Dolce - Basement Level 3, Shop in Baroque City (first visit) 750 Bracelet of the Titans.
Chakram ATK +10 (Xbox 360), ATK +60 (PS3) Light +50 (Xbox 360) Dropped by Spirit Svetovit (PS3), Chest in Sharp Mountains (Xbox 360) Sharp circular blade used in the orient. It is able to slice through thick branches.
Torquatus ATK +15, Shining Body (Xbox 360) Light +60 Dropped by Fugue (Battle 2) A circular blade said to have been invented by the great General Manlius.
Orbis ATK +73 Chest in Celesta Forest Weapon made for the army that made elven pacts. It symbolizes ideal and betrayal.
Lunar Eclipse ATK +25 Light +65, Darkness Body (PS3), Shining Body (Xbox 360) Chest in To Coda Ruins Made from the fang of Hati, the wolf who chases the moon.
Wilderness ATK +90 Dropped by Dolce, Battle 4 (Encore Mode) Evil blade that appears every one hundred years from darkness and returns to darkness.
Muspelheim ATK +95 Merchant at Mt. Rock 2000 Dropped by a devil from the kingdom of flames. It is encircled with flames.
Ruthless ATK +109 Chest in Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys Weapon of the hero Jagiellonka
Nodus ATK +55 Light +100 Chest in Double Reed Tower of Sand Fairy wheel that decides the fate of heroes.
Alfheim ATK +70 Light +130 Chest in Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 10 Circular blade filled with light from the kingdom of fairies.

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