Moon Chakrams are weapons that can only be equipped by March. The pairing allows her quickly build Echoes.

Moon Chakrams
Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
Night Watcher ATK +60 Initially equipped Blade belonging to the twin moons that protect the night. It does not appear before those that are heartless.
Lunaticus ATK +20 Dark +60 Shop in Baroque City (second visit) 1300 Weapon said to have been a gift from the man in the moon.
Illunis ATK +78 Increases critical hit rate Shop in Baroque City (third visit) 1200 Dagger that belonged to Persephone, the Queen of Hades. It brings about true darkness.
Solar Eclipse ATK +25 Dark +65, Shining Body (PS3), Darkness Body (Xbox 360) Chest in To Coda Ruins Made from the fang of Skoll, the wolf that is said to chase the sun.
No Name ATK +95 (Xbox 360), ATK +90 (PS3) Chest on Mt. Rock A weapon forgotten by the fates. Does not exist.
Arc Strike ATK +30 Dark +90 Merchant in Elegy of the Moon 2200 A weapon said to have been invented by the the great General Manlius.
Alvis Hoop ATK +55 Dark +100 Dropped by White Jewel Blade forged by the sage dwarf Alvis.
Wheel of Will ATK +127 Darkness Body Chest in Noise Dunes of Fantasy Fairy hoop that is said to guide the fate of heroes.
Pervious (Xbox 360) / Pervius (PS3) ATK +166 Increases critical hit rate Chest in Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 2 Weapon brought back from the mouth of Mount Vesuvius. It burns the enemy with its high temperature.
Niflheim ATK +70 Dark +130 Chest in Mysterious Unison - Basment Level 10 A circular blade created from a glacier in the Land of Mists.

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