Knuckles are weapons that can only be equipped by Falsetto. Many of Falsetto's knuckles carry the chance of inflicting status effects.

Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
Brass Knuckle ATK +44 Initially equipped Cheap gauntlets made of brass.
Meat Hook ATK +50 Examine a plant in a room in Cantabile Inn An item used by ordinary butchers. A weapon for assassins.
Power Stroke ATK +54 Chance of Slowing the enemy Shop in Andante 700 An enhanced gauntlet used by heavy infantrymen.
Mailed Fist ATK +10 Dark +50 Chest in Lento Cemetery Weapon used by heavy infantry.
Brain Shatterer ATK +70 Equipped during/following battle with Rondo in Aria Temple, Shop in Baroque City (third visit) 1000 An item that can only be used by a master.
Death's Head ATK +83 Dropped by Rondo, first battle (Xbox 360), Dropped by Fugue, third battle (PS3) An evil weapon. The wearer is said to hear the voice of demons.
Jiao Zhu ATK +97 Merchant on Mt. Rock 2000 A striking weapon that fits in the palm of the hand. It is said to be invented by an emperor.
Celestial Gloves ATK +108 Chance of Slowing the enemy Merchant in Elegy of the Moon 2200 Gloves soaked in holy oil.
Tyr's Left Arm ATK +123 Action Gauge increases when normal attacks hit Dropped by Ogre King & Wicked Shrub (Xbox 360), Chest in Noise Dunes of Fantasy, Oasis (PS3) The left arm of the one-handed god Tyr.
Tyr's Right Arm ATK +140 Dropped by Hidden One The arm of the one-handed god Tyr that was bitten off by Fenrir.
Iron Gloves ATK +160 Slow Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 2 A massive gauntlet worn by Thor when he wielded his hammer.
Lord's Reign ATK +179 Increases combos when normal attacks hit Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 11 Faint magic covers the hand and wrist.

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