Jazz's Victory Pose

Broadswords are weapons that can only be equipped by Jazz. The great size of these weapons enables easy attacking of multiple targets that would not be reachable by other melee attackers in Eternal Sonata.

Japanese Name English Name Attack Effect Obtained Price Description
Broadsword ATK +60 Initially equipped A wide and thick double-edged sword.
Falchion ATK +73 Chest in Woodblock Groves A weapon with a curved wide blade. It can be wielded one-handed.
Herebra ATK +95 Passive Dropped by Root Lurker A long sword used by Phoenician soldiers.
Bastard Sword ATK +88 Shop in Baroque City (second visit) 1500 A long heavy sword.
Rib Crusher ATK +102 (Xbox 360), ATK +105 (PS3) Slow Chest in Aria Temple Sword with immense destructive powers. It is swung horizontally to get underneath the opponent's shield.
Zweihänder ATK +98 (Xbox 360), ATK +100 (PS3) Shop in Baroque City (third visit) 1800 A massive sword that garners absolute trust in war veterans.
Pyro Blade ATK +110 (Xbox 360), ATK +115 (PS3) Burst (Xbox 360 & PS3)/Stop (PS3 only) Chest in Andantino's Hideout (Encore Mode) Bloodthirsty sword that ignites when taken out of the scabbard.
Soul Cremator ATK +118 Merchant at Mt. Rock 2200 Fearful sword that devours the soul of any who touch it.
Hecatomb ATK +125 Merchant at Elegy of the Moon 3000 Sword that sacrificed one-hundred bulls in an ancient ritual.
Vanquisher ATK +139 Passive (Xbox 360), Slow (PS3) Dropped by Count Waltz & Calamity Wilhm Sword worn by the tyrant of an empire. It symbolized right of command.
Thiassi's Bone ATK +158 Slow (Xbox 360) Dropped by Ogre King/Wicked Shrub Sword crafted from the giant Thiassi's bone. It freezes the enemy.
Tyrant Slayer ATK +162 Dropped by Unrest Legendary magic sword said to have killed a giant dragon.
Skofnung ATK +195 Burst Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 10 Sword of Hrolfr Kraki. Inflicts a wound only it can heal.
Bezwell's Sword ATK +220 Absorbs 20% of inflicted damage as HP Mysterious Unison - Basement Level 12 Sword of a legendary king that was used only once. It is said to make a terrible sound when it is taken out of the scabbard.

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