Light Antique
Light Antique
14880 800 (Xbox 360), 610 (PS3) 15
Location Lento Cemetery
Item Drop Floral Extract
Special Attacks Soul Circle, Soul Fire, Soul Stab

The Light Antique is a monster battled exclusively in the Lento Cemetery in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Light Antique appears in the field in every area of the Lento Cemetery where monsters appear, in groups of two or three, and sometimes alongside Scourgers. Two also appear alongside the boss Death Crow in the Simile Spring. It is under a continuous Shining Body status, meaning that any Special Attacks used on it at close range will be light special attacks.


The normal attack is a whacking attack on targets at melee range that can sometimes hit twice. Its Soul Circle is a distance attack on one target that can cause Stop status. Soul Stab is a powerful stabbing electric melee attack on one. Finally, Soul Fire is a spinning attack on all targets at melee range that can also hit targets standing behind it and carries a chance of knockdown.


Encountering a Light Antique in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Light Antique in the field.

Both this enemy and the Scourger possess relatively low HP for this stage of the game, making them excellent targets for farming EXP. Falsetto will usually get the first strike, so have her move in close and use normal attacks, followed by a Snow Claw. If she got in enough attacks to build up sufficient Echoes, then she may be able to kill it in one turn, otherwise, it will likely be in critical status. Viola can keep the party well-healed with Heal Arrow and use Hawk Eye if healing is not needed. If attacking normally, she should probably be brought in for melee attacks, as these are hard to target due to their size and shape. Allegretto can do a lot of damage with both normal attacks and Specials and will have no trouble finishing them in one turn once he gains his Hellstriker weapon, which grants him Burst status.

In Encore Mode, the same basic strategies can be used, but take extra caution to avoid being caught in a dangerous back attack.


Allegretto Attacking Three Light Antiques

Allegretto attacking a group of three Light Antiques

  • The Light Antique is the first ordinary monster that drops Floral Extract items. These are an enhanced version of the normal Floral Powder items, restoring a single character's HP by 70%, but carrying an item weight of 4.

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