Leaf Egg
Leaf Egg
17810 (Xbox 360), 12000 (PS3, approximate) 700 (Xbox 360), 460 (PS3) 12
Location Woodblock Groves
Item Drop Star Cookie
Special Attacks Tour, Zanoska

The Leaf Egg is a monster battled exclusively in Woodblock Groves in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Bloody Onion.


The Leaf Egg appears in groups of either two or three in Woodblock Groves. It is only ever encountered as the Bloody Onion in the field, but appears in battle in dark areas.


All of the Leaf Egg's attacks are especially weak in comparison with its light counterpart Bloody Onion. Its normal physical attack is a ramming attack that will deal a little damage to a character at melee range, but will only hit multiple targets if they are grouped very close together. Tour is a multi-hit attack on multiple targets at melee range. Zanoska is a leaping, spinning attack on multiple targets, also at melee range. It will always telegraph that it is about to use this attack by hopping in a particular way prior to using it.


The Leaf Egg is so weak and has such no low HP that no special strategy is needed to defeat it. The only catch is that Leaf Eggs will almost always move from darkness to light if given the chance, unless they have multiple targets close to them. Thus, try to defeat them before they are able to move into the light, unless farming for EXP.


Leaf Egg, Next in Turn

A Leaf Egg, next in turn

  • The Leaf Egg is the first opponent in Eternal Sonata that is weak while in the darkness, but has a strong form in the light.
  • In the Xbox 360 version, the Leaf Egg actually gives slightly more EXP than the Bloody Onion, despite being a weaker opponent.

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