L'Opera Worker
L'Opera Worker
18000 (approximate) 500 38
Location Lament
Item Drop Angel Trumpet, Star Cookie
Special Attacks Work Breath, Work Drill, Work Tornado, Work Heal

The L'Opera Worker is a monster battled exclusively in the royal mirror Lament in the World of Eternal Sonata.


L'Opera Workers are initially found in groups of two and later three in Lament. They may also sometimes be found alongside Petite Fatties.


The L'Opera Worker's normal physical attack is a piercing attack with its ax. Its Special Attacks are of the same general style as the other L'Opera opponents in the game. Work Tornado is a two-hit spinning attack that can hit anyone at melee range, which it normally uses at the end of its turn. Work Breath is a breath attack from a mid-range distance that can hit multiple targets. Work Drill is a distance drill attack in a line. Finally, it can use Work Heal to heal an ally in critical for 6000 HP.


Encountering a L'Opera Worker in the Field

Polka encounters a L'Opera Worker while exploring Lament.

Battling the L'Opera Worker is generally the same as battling any other L'Opera opponent. The majority of them are found in the first couple of areas of Lament, which means that the party will be Polka and Crescendo, with Serenade later added. All of them have useful skills for battling these opponents. Crescendo should use his normal physical attack and then build up a lot of Echoes with his Galactic Nebula if he is in the light. If he is in the dark, then save the Echoes for another character. Serenade will be valuable with her Verbum: Celebrus in the light and can heal the party with L'energie du Vent if they need it. Polka is valuable for her Earth Heal skill, or if Serenade is being used for healing, then equip her Torn Umbrella for Darkness Body and use Nether Wave to deal a lot of damage and build Echoes. Most of the L'Opera Workers attacks are easy to Guard against, but be careful on the timing at the end with Work Tornado.

In Encore Mode, take extra care to keep the party well-healed and be ready if it uses an un-Guarded Work Tornado. It may be better to just avoid them until the full party is restored and Salsa can be added to the party to use Shadow Silhouette.


Crescendo Battling a L'Opera Worker

Crescendo battling a L'Opera Worker

  • The L'Opera Worker is the only opponent encountered in the third area of Lament and is also fairly numerous in the second area. There are none in the fourth area and a few the final area, though they are mostly supplanted by Propellekov/Queen Scissors.

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