L'Opera General
L'Opera General
19370 (Xbox 360), 33900 (PS3, approximate) 5600 (Xbox 360), 2650 (PS3) 100
Location Mt. Rock
Item Drop Big Paper Fan
Special Attacks General Breath, General Tornado

The L'Opera General is a monster battled on Mt. Rock in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The L'Opera General appears in battle in groups of two or three on Mt. Rock. In the darkness, it morphs into the Standard Bearer.


The normal attack is a whack with its lance. General Tornado is a spinning two hit attack on all targets at melee range with a chance of knockdown. General Breath is a breath attack on all grouped together from a bit of a distance.


L'Opera Generals Roaming Mt Rock

L'Opera Generals roaming the field of Mt. Rock

The L'Opera General only has a couple of different types of Special Attacks, but what it does have can hit hard. Its most dangerous attack is definitely the spinning General Tornado and if it inflicts knockdown, then your characters can easily get hit again without having the chance to Guard. Use characters that hit hard and try to hit these with a series of normal attacks followed by a Special to finish them off.

In Encore Mode, these opponents can be extremely dangerous if they group around the entire party or catch the party in back attack. Don't ever group the entire battle team together and if caught in a back attack, be ready with the Guard button to turn a character around so that they can Guard against further attacks. These monsters can easily get two turns in a row on Encore Mode, so be very careful with Guarding, or try to Counterattack and then escape if one of them uses a distance attack, which offers a good window for countering.


Falsetto Battling a L'Opera General

Falsetto battling a L'Opera General

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was reduced by more than half. Furthermore, in the Xbox 360 version, its dark Standard Bearer counterpart has much more HP than it, while in the PlayStation 3 version, it has less.

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