King Baroque

King Baroque in a portrait

King Baroque was a former ruler of the region of Baroque. He was drawn into conflict when Lord Forte desired the wealth of the lands of Baroque and challenged him. He stated that he would lay down his claim if only King Baroque would hand over the royal mirror, Lament, but King Baroque rejected this choice and chose to fight, resulting in a victory for Baroque and a temporary end to Forte's ambitions.

King Baroque seemed to be deeply concerned about his kingdom and questions of war, freedom and the suffering of his people. He possessed the training of a knight. Despite such concerns, he ultimately decided that war against Forte's grand ambitions was the right path.

Polka questioned his decision to leave his choice to a mirror, but Prince Crescendo felt that the decision was his own in the end, and the mirror simply helped him to make the choice by allowing him to reflect upon his concerns.

He was a distant relative along the paternal line of Prince Crescendo, and of his father, the current king.

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