Jazz's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Jazz

  • "The truly important thing is to accept both our strengths and our weaknesses: to believe in ourselves without fearing the judgment of others. We learn from our mistakes and grow from them. The fact that the king wasn't able to realize that is really the saddest thing of all. "
  • "Listen. When you eliminate all the other possibilities, you cannot escape the truth that remains. No matter how difficult it may be to accept. I let myself believe in something that wasn't true."
  • (regarding Etude) "Don't use magic on him. (As he walks out...) He needs to remember this pain."
  • "We can never turn back time. Even if such a thing were possible, I wouldn't want to. Because it would only be a negation of the choices made by the friends who've died along the way."
  • "This isn't just between nations anymore. It's gone beyond war. With that monster, Waltz could bring about the destruction of the entire world."
  • "There's no use in comparing the dead with the living. It's pointless. But you and I are still alive. And, of course, it's with those who are still living, that we must live our lives. I'm putting everything on the line to defend the living, to protect those who are trying to survive."
  • "Without realizing it, people tend to act in ways that suit their own best interests, and before they know it, they’ve turn all their efforts to seeing just how powerful or successful they can become. It can't always have been like that. Things must've been different in the beginning. Try remembering the feelings you had when you first started out."

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