Icicle Eater
Icicle Eater
22500 (approximate) 3340 (Xbox 360), 1600 (PS3) 130
Location Aria Temple
Item Drop Mouse Metronome
Special Attacks Icicle Drop, Mist Shrinker, Ratty Charge, Ratty Heal

The Icicle Eater is a monster battled in the Aria Temple in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Icicle Eater is encountered in groups of two or three in the Aria Temple and sometimes alongside Sorbies/Ice Melodies. It is under a continuous Shining Body status, meaning that any character attacking it at close range will always use light Special Attacks.


Its normal physical attacks are a head butt and a whack with its tail. Ratty Charge is a strong charging attack on all in range with a chance of knockdown. Icicle Drop is a distance attack that drops icicles on all in range. Mist Shrinker is a distance energy attack on a single target and has a chance of knockdown. Finally, it can use Ratty Heal to heal a target in critical for 19000 HP.


Icicle Eaters in the Field

Icicle Eaters in the field in Aria Temple

The Icicle Eater is a very weak opponent for this stage of the game, having both low HP and defense for this stage. Its attack pattern should be quite familiar from the rats encountered earlier in the game. None of its attacks are very strong and most are easy to Guard against. If the player's characters are sufficiently leveled, they will often get the first turn and can often defeat one of these in just one round. Furthermore, they only have one distance attack, so they will often have to close distance first before attacking, as they don't use their distance attack all that often. No special tactics are required - simply pound away with normal attacks, followed by powerful Specials.


Icicle Eater Using Ratty Charge on Allegretto

An Icicle Eater using its Ratty Charge Special Attack on Allegretto

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the EXP granted by this opponent was reduced by more than half, but its other stats remain generally the same.

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