Ice Coffin
Ice Coffin
21050 (Xbox 360), 41000 (PS3, approximate) 650 (Xbox 360), 810 (PS3) 40
Location Sharp Mountains
Item Drop
Special Attacks Avalanche Press, Norther, Sore Tail, Stiff Tail

The Ice Coffin is a monster battled exclusively in the Sharp Mountains in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Ice Coffin appears in the field either alone or in pairs. They are often found on platforms guarding treasure chests and a pair of them guard the entrance area to the Church of EZI.


Its normal physical attacks are an arm smack and a lash with its tail. It also employs a series of powerful Special Attacks. Avalanche Press strikes everyone at melee range for four hits of damage. Stiff Tail is another whacking attack with its tail in a wide arc. Finally, Norther is a piercing attack from a distance. All of its attacks other than the arm smack carry a chance of knockdown. Finally, they have another, rarely used tail attack called Sore Tail.


Encountering an Ice Coffin in the Field

Polka encounters an Ice Coffin while exploring the Sharp Mountains

The Ice Coffin has some powerful moves, but its power is mitigated both by its low defense and the fact that no more than two of them are battled at any given time. The battlefield is mostly in light but also possesses a fairly sizable area of shadow, so both light and dark Special Attacks can be used depending on the player's preference. The attacks are generally easy to Guard against and the player can keep very well-healed with both Frederic and Polka in the party.

In Encore Mode, it may be advisable to take care to keep one character battling a single Ice Coffin, while the other two characters focus on the other, as the combined strength of the two could be very damaging, given that their attacks will generally hit all characters that are at melee range.


Salsa Using Shadow Silhouette on an Ice Coffin

Salsa uses her Shadow Silhouette Special Attack on an Ice Coffin

  • In the PlayStation 3 version, the EXP granted by the Ice Coffin was slightly increased, but its HP was massively increased. Despite this, it is still not a very challenging target with the right tactics.

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