Hanon Hills Intro Screen

Hanon Hills intro screen

Hanon Hills is a wide open, hilly area in the World of Eternal Sonata that is reached following the party's defeat of the boss of Fort Fermata. This tranquil area connects Fort Fermata to Forte City. The party travels through here on their way to seek an audience with Count Waltz.


Common CreaturesEdit

Non-Combative CreaturesEdit

  • Merchant's Horse

Merchant's ShopEdit

  • Bat Umbrella: 250G
  • Breast Guard: 300G
  • Leather Hide: 100G
  • Fancy Clothes: 200G
  • Red Velvet: 180G
  • Coachman's Coat: 300G
  • Glowing Tail: 50G
  • Shadow Tail: 50G
  • Twilight Feather: 50G
  • Dawn Feather: 50G
  • Pure Feather: 50G
  • Chance Feather: 50G
  • Poison Whitecap: 100G

Return to Hanon HillsEdit

After making it through Andantino's Secret Passage, the party finds an exit back to the Hanon Hills. Here, they meet Jazz, Falsetto and Claves of Andantino and learn that Andantino has been searching for Salsa, one of the Guardians of Agogo Forest.


While most locations in Eternal Sonata are named after musical terms, these hills are named after Charles-Louis Hanon, a French piano pedagogue known for a system of piano exercises that have become the most widely used set of exercises in modern piano teaching.

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • The battlefield in Hanon Hills is mostly light with three small areas of darkness. In the PlayStation 3 version, there is a cloud of darkness that overtakes and recedes from the field throughout the battle.
  • In Encore Mode, the player may return to Hanon Hills to participate in the second trading quest with the merchant, who wants an Odd Candy that will allow him to speak with his horse.