32790 (XBox 360), 56600 (PS3, approximate) 6350 (Xbox 360), 2510 (PS3) 110
Location Mt. Rock
Item Drop Scorpion's Tail
Special Attacks One Thousand Lashes, Venom Scatter, Winding Coil

The Gyaman is a monster battled exclusively on Mt. Rock in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Gyaman appears in groups of two or three in battle on Mt. Rock.


The normal attack is two whacks on a character, often followed up by four lashes with its tentacles. One Thousand Lashes is several lashes with the tentacles on all at melee range with a strong finishing blow that has a chance of knockback. Winding Coil is a squeezing attack on a single target. Finally, if it puffs up at the end of a turn, it will use Venom Scatter at the beginning of its next turn, which damages all characters in range and causes Poison status. If the characters are far enough away, however, this attack will simply miss entirely.


Encountering a Gyaman in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Gyaman while exploring Mt. Rock.

While it has some powerful moves, it has no distance attacks other than Venom Scatter, forcing it to move in close to attack your characters. The most dangerous attack is certainly the One Thousand Lashes, but its other attacks generally do not present much hassle. In the PlayStation 3 version most characters will probably not be able to defeat it one turn due to its increased HP, but just attack away to build up Echoes and then unleash a Special Attack once Echoes are at 24 or 32 to use a Harmony Chain. If it uses Venom Scatter, move away if it's not likely to be defeated prior to its next turn.


Falsetto Battling a Gyaman

Falsetto battling a Gyaman.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was reduced by more than half, but its HP was increased by nearly 25000 points.

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