Blow Her Top

Guitar comments that Dolce is about to blow her top.

"Yikes! The skipper's gonna blow her top again!"
—Guitar on the Pirate Ship Dolce, after Dolce gets annoyed with the party

Guitar (French subtitles/International - Banjo) is a pirate serving on the Pirate Ship Dolce in the World of Eternal Sonata under Captain Dolce.


Guitar serves Captain Dolce as her 2nd Lieutenant. His appearance is that of a Warrior Pirate opponent. He seems to be a more talkative than his companion, the 1st Lieutenant Bass.


Main article: 2nd Lieutenant

In battle, Guitar carries the same basic attack set and relative stats to a Warrior Pirate in comparison with a Raider Pirate. As such, his stats are generally high and his defense can be hard to penetrate for weaker characters. Additionally, he can use Guts to revive Bass, or Grit in the final battle.


  • Bass has a total of three lines in the game in comparison with Bass's one; he seems to be a cocky type, referring to himself, Bass and Dolce as the "Invincible Dolce Gang."
  • In the French subtitles available in the game's PlayStation 3 release and in certain international versions, Guitar's name is changed to Banjo. A banjo is a stringed instrument associated with types of music such as country and bluegrass.


In music, a guitar is a plucked string instrument that has two primary families: acoustic and electric.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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