Hear Us and Be Calm

The Guardians, Salsa and March, use their powers to calm the Agogo Queen Mother.

A Guardian of Agogo Forest, also sometimes known as simply Forest guardian, is a traditional protector of Agogo Forest, living within Agogo Village. The only two known forest guardians are March and Salsa.

March is something of a scholar of the traditional legends of the guardians. She tends to take her job very seriously and wishes to be a good protector for the forest by learning as much about it as she can. Salsa has little interest in book knowledge and believes she can protect the forest well by honing her skills in battle.

As part of her role in protecting the forest, she travels to Forte City to speak with the Count of Forte regarding stopping the mining of magitone at Mt. Rock to make mineral powder, as it is harming the forest. She ends up speaking with his chief adviser, Legato, but is unable to convince him, and is thrown in the Forte Castle dungeon.

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