Game Over

Game Over against the boss Death Crow

"So in the end it was just the ramblings of fools..."
—Count Waltz upon defeating the party in the first battle against him (PlayStation 3) version

Game Over is a battle element in Eternal Sonata.

In Eternal Sonata, a Game Over only happens when all three characters in the active battle party are KOed, meaning that their HP has dropped to zero. Characters in the active party cannot be replaced with other characters during battle.

As Eternal Sonata does not feature a Retry option, the effect of a Game Over is equivalent to quitting the game without saving. All story progress, items and gained EXP & Gold gained since the last time the game was saved are lost. After a brief Game Over sequence, the player is returned to the game's opening menu screen.

A Game Over is far more likely to occur during boss battles, which feature stronger opponents that sometimes run behind characters to prevent the option of Guarding, or if the party is caught in a back attack against powerful opponents. It is also more likely in general against the stronger opponents of Encore Mode.

The entire party being defeated always results in a Game Over with only two exceptions. The first battle against Fugue is a mandatory defeat and will simply result in the story continuing as normal. Additionally, if defeated by the final boss, then the player will be presented with a brief alternate ending before being automatically returned to the load screen. They can then reload and defeat the final boss to view the game's ending and/or save a Game Clear file to access Encore Mode.

Most human bosses will utter a final line upon defeating the party.

Musical themeEdit

  • The Game Over theme is titled "The End of My Days." It is Track 7 of the first disc on the game's original score.

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